Why did you create these courses?  

I want to live in a world where we're all able to navigate securely and confidently through life's ups and downs. Where the crazy circumstances of life lead us to live more fully in our purpose, not knock us away from it. Where the way we talk about and think about challenges is to embrace them as opportunities to grow and be strengthened. So many of you were coming to me asking how do you do it? So I went on a mission to figure out the best way to help you transform your life, and developed this course! These topics have truly shaped my life, and I believe the All Access course program will set you on a great path toward living unstoppably.


Can these courses REALLY change my life?  

My team and I have done our best to give you the tools you'll need and guidance in the direction of positive change. I am confident that when you put in the effort, you will definitely see life changing results. 


Is the course content appropriate for young teens?

Yes, it is suitable and beneficial for a young teen. We have many families who do the course(s) together! It creates a great opportunity for bonding and parent-teen mentorship.


Are there scheduled class times?

Nope! The courses are designed to do on your own time, at your own pace. 

Each course contains around five sections with videos and action steps for each. Within the course, I will advise on approximate times for completing each part so you can set aside time.

All the sections of each course are unlocked after you complete the initial WHY assessment. In the All Access program, you can jump around between the courses as you please, but we do recommend doing each course from start to finish.


How much time is needed to spend on the course work? 

The more time you can invest into the course, the better personal result you will have! But I think you should spend at least 30 minutes per week, plus additional thoughtfulness to implement what you're learning into your lifestyle.

The All Access program could be paced out to about 75-80 weeks if you did one video per week.


Can I ask Bethany a question as I go through the course?

Yes! Feel free to ask a question (or share a victory) through the bubble you see within the course. Our team will do its best to get an answer for you.


What type of accountability do you have set up for participants? 

Accountability is SO important! While we encourage in-person accountability as a first priority, we also recommend subscribing to the private Facebook group and live chats accessible through our "Unstoppable Living with Bethany Hamilton" Group subscription!


What is the "Unstoppable Living with Bethany Hamilton" Group?

This Private Facebook Group has proven to be an incredibly uplifting environment that will really bring joy and meaningful shifts to your life.  ANYONE CAN JOIN!  You do not have to be in one of the courses. It'll be a great place to connect with us in live monthly Q&A's and dive into more intentional living with an amazingly supportive community alongside you.

In the monthly Live Q&A's, my husband Adam and I answer as many member questions as we can that have been submitted.


How many courses are available?  We currently have 11 courses that can be purchased individually: Be Present, Overcome Obstacles, Bless Others, Optimize Health, Train Your Mind, Anchor Your Identity, Let Go of Comparison, Live with Passion, Set Goals, Stewardship and Forgiveness... OR you can get an ALL ACCESS PASS!


How can I sign up for the course?

Right here on my webshop!


Do my purchases expire?  No. You have lifetime access to the course(s) you purchase.


How do I access the course?  When you submit your email at checkout your account will be activated in the course platform.  You will receive an email with account information and instructions to access.  This account gives you access the course(s) at anytime from your laptop, PC, mobile device or tablet. You can also download the Kajabi app for easy access on your mobile device.


Can I download the course onto my computer?  No. Our courses are accessible online only.


Are your courses closed captioned? At this time, only the Workout Series has closed captions. 


Can I share the course I purchase?  Our courses are copyrighted and intended for individual household use only. 


I can’t afford this but really want to do it. Can I get a scholarship?

We don’t offer scholarships at this time. Perhaps a single course is right for you to start: Explore the topical courses. We also have gift cards available that can be applied to the courses, in case you know someone who would like to support you in this way.


Due to unexpected life circumstances, I won't be able to participate any longer. Can I cancel?

If you made a one time payment - there's no need to worry. You can walk away and come back at a time that's good for you - even if it is next year.  You have lifetime access!  If you signed up with a payment plan, you can contact support below.

We recommend to keep the course access and begin whenever you are ready. Or you can visit our Refund Policy.


To contact support please email [email protected] and we will get back to you within 72 hours, during business days.


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