Refund Policy

Updated December 3, 2020


Unstoppable Life Course Refund Policy

We offer a 100% money back guarantee solely to participants who have engaged in the course.  If you enter a course and aren’t satisfied by the exceptional value it brings you, we will refund your full purchase price with no questions asked. We do, however, require that you give the course a try first. (As we all know, no program – no matter how amazing – ever works without implementation.)

This applies to each individual course and program we offer.


Refunds on One time Purchases

Refund requests must be submitted to our member care manager at [email protected]. Once a member is refunded they will immediately be removed from the course and the members email list.


Refunds on the 4-Payment Plan and Monthly Payment Plan

Members who subscribed with the 4-payment plan can cancel at any time through the course login. Members who cancel will immediately be removed from the course, and manually removed from the members email list. No further payment will be due.


Unstoppable Living Subscription Refund Policy

Refunds on Subscriptions

Monthly subscribers can cancel at any time through our shop's account management platform. When a monthly subscriber cancels, they will manually removed from the Facebook Group and member email list. No further payment will be due.

For customers who paid upfront for 12 months, no refunds are allowed. Customers will need to cancel prior to the end of the 12th month, however, so they are not charged again. 


If any issues arise, you can contact [email protected] for help.


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